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Seed has been busy over the past few months. One of the exciting things I’ve been workin on is YouTube Symphony Orchestra (YTSO). Yesterday was the global launch which took place simultaneously in Sydney at the Sydney Opera House and in New york at Carnegie Hall, home of YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2009.

In 2011, the YouTube Symphony Orchestra will return, hosted at the Sydney Opera House, connecting musicians from around the world through musical collaboration, innovation and technology.

This event, which launched on 13 October 2010, will encourage musicians to audition and upload to the YTSO channel on YouTube for a place in the orchestra. The grand finale live performance will be held in March 2011 at the Sydney Opera House, accompanied by a worldwide live stream.
Take a look and Play your part!

In June, following the 2009 success of MyMutation 2009 online dance competition we launched My Mutation 2010, a part of the Sydney Opera House Spring Dance Festival. An outstanding success once again with entries from around the world.

See for yourself.

As part of the Graphic Animation festival presented by Sydney Opera House in May we launched the Graphic Animation competition.
This aimed to give animators the world over the opportunity to create a 3 part animatic series. Over three rounds animators could compete to get to the final and win $20,000.

Highlights of the festival are in the video below which features the Canadian winner, David Barton Thomas with his “Seven Year Twitch” animation.